Terms and condition for browsing Mandala Sports website


We are happy you chose to visit/purchase on our website www.mandalasports.com by the company of Idan Lavi investments ltd BN number 514660554. Our website offers you varied selections of designed sports games and leisure products.


The following terms define the rights and obligations while purchasing on our website, the method of purchase, the terms of purchase, the warranty of the products that are for sale (in case they have a warranty), times and ways of delivery, when can you cancel an order, and other important details.


We ask you to read this page carefully since it constitutes the agreement between you and the company. In order to accept the terms of use and purchase you must check the box in the registration page; only then you could continue to the purchase page.  If you don’t agree the terms you will not be able to continue to the purchase page and complete the purchase.


All this being said, the company still reserves the right to prohibit certain customers from buying products in the website for any reason even if it’s not the first time buying from Mandala Sports. In advance, the company has the right to cancel the right of purchasing from Mandala Sports website in the following cases:



With all this said, the user of the website must commit to use the website innocently, and not use any of the information received without approval of the company, and not take advantage of any error/problem in the system or the information given by the website.


In case of a mistake in a description/price of a product or a service the company/the website/ or the other provider of service won’t be obligated.


Mandala Sports website has the right to change the methods of identifications.


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Cancel transaction and product return 


Cancelation in case of a damaged product or unsuitability



The result of a cancelation for a transaction does not include a damaged product or unsuitability.


Damage for the product


Products Warranty


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