Terms and condition for browsing Mandala Sports website


We are happy you chose to visit/purchase on our website www.mandalasports.com by the company of Idan Lavi investments ltd BN number 514660554. Our website offers you varied selections of designed sports games and leisure products.


The following terms define the rights and obligations while purchasing on our website, the method of purchase, the terms of purchase, the warranty of the products that are for sale (in case they have a warranty), times and ways of delivery, when can you cancel an order, and other important details.


We ask you to read this page carefully since it constitutes the agreement between you and the company. In order to accept the terms of use and purchase you must check the box in the registration page; only then you could continue to the purchase page.  If you don’t agree the terms you will not be able to continue to the purchase page and complete the purchase.


All this being said, the company still reserves the right to prohibit certain customers from buying products in the website for any reason even if it’s not the first time buying from Mandala Sports. In advance, the company has the right to cancel the right of purchasing from Mandala Sports website in the following cases:


  • If the customer didn’t follow the terms of use by this document.
  • In case of registering or entering wrong data purposely.
  • In case of attempting a disruption of any kind against Mandala Sports website, the company, any other legal entity, and any third party which involved the company including the customers and suppliers of the company.
  • If using the website in a way that breaks the laws of the State of Israel, or in case of encouraging or supporting of an act like that.
  • In case of violation the terms of use or any other online agreement that the company offers
  • If you owe money to the company or any other third party that’s associated with the company (including a debt in one of the company stores).
  • If your credit/debit card was blocked or restricted from use in some way.
  • Any other reason that happened innocently.


With all this said, the user of the website must commit to use the website innocently, and not use any of the information received without approval of the company, and not take advantage of any error/problem in the system or the information given by the website.


In case of a mistake in a description/price of a product or a service the company/the website/ or the other provider of service won’t be obligated.


Mandala Sports website has the right to change the methods of identifications.


Buying a product, delivery time, and options of delivery


  • Stock mistakes can occur, therefore, the customer will be informed in case a product was out of stock while purchasing it, and will have the right to cancel or change the order. Nevertheless, in any case the customer isn’t entitled to compensation. In case that the company doesn’t have the product to supply the customer, the company has the right to cancel the transaction and to return the customer the money paid.
  • A delay in the delivery time for any reason won’t warrant a compensation and/or return of money, unless the reason is a stock mistake as mentioned above.
  • After the purchase, the customer will receive an email with a tax invoice, the details and the amount of the order.
  • All prices in our website include tax and might change from time to time due to changes in tax rate in the State of Israel.
  • The company will have the right to offer discounts/sales/special offers from time to time.
  • Discounts will apply for a limited time in terms and conditions that the company will set and won’t be a claim for any return/ refund of the money or cancelation of the order.
  • Discounts and sales will apply till the end of a certain stock/time set for the discount and/or a period of time without a limitation, and the company will have the right to choose when or why to stop the discount or sale without any notice in advance.
  • It must be clear that the deals/ seals/ discounts that appear on the website won’t necessarily match those that on the company stores.
  • It won’t be possible to return/cancel a product nor an exchange of products that were sold in a special deal/discount/sale. A purchase of a product is final and can’t be replaced or cancelled unless there is a defect in the product.
  • A cancellation of a transaction due to a product defect binds the customer to give up any discount given.
  • All content on Mandala Sports website or any other content associated with such as: pictures, videos, graphics, text, logo, products description, information and software are the intellectual property of the company or any other third party that is involved with the company. Using the content without permission is a violation of copyrights protected by law by the State of Israel and other international laws, all lawbreakers could be sentenced.
  • There is a restriction of using any commercial content of the website including copying, duplicating, publishing, etc. for any purpose without written permission in advance from the company or any other third party that is associated with it. There is a restriction of using any information, logo, or trademarks that appear on the website and might cause confusion or deception of customers.
  • The data records of the store regarding the actions taken through the website will constitute prima facie evidence for correctness of the actions taken in the website.

Privacy and data security

  • Data Security in Mandala Sports website meets the requirement of the highest standards of data security on the Web. We do everything we can to protect your credit card details and sensitive information. The site operates in a PCI-DSS standard. When a customer chooses paying with a credit card, they are linked directly to a secure site of the defrayal company so that your credit card details are not stored at all on the site’s servers. The credit card number and additional details that you enter when you buy on our website are sent directly to the defrayal company and are not stored on the site in any way. This prevents third parties from accessing your credit card information.
  • We respect your privacy. No matter what, we won’t provide personal information related to your account to a third party except in cases necessary to complete the transaction, order and delivery and / or service you have chosen to purchase.
  • We declare that for the purpose of securing your actions in the website and the security of your information, the system collects and analyzes the IP address (which connects your computer via the Internet to the Website). This activity allows tracking and investigating illegal activities and protecting against fraudulent attempts.
  • Use of Cookies: We hereby declare that while visiting our website, the Site Server maintains “cookies” text files that enhance your browsing experience. These files provide us with information and the ability to improve the services and offer you products based on how you use them. The use of these files is automatic and without human supervision. In Israel the user does not have to provide these details but without these details it will not be possible to purchase products and other services on the site.
  • In Terms of The payment details (credit card number, bank account number, etc.) the information will be used only for the purpose of making a payment and is not transferred to any other party except for the purpose of making the payment (such as credit card company, bank). It should be clarified that the credit card details are entered directly into the defrayal company’s website and it is not available and / or stored in our databases, so our company cannot use it. The defrayal company is VeriFone, which meets the strongest security standards: PCI DSS Level-1.
  • the information received in the framework of a purchase is made for the purpose of carrying out that action only and for its needs. The information is not transferred to a third party, except for those that required to in order to complete the purchase (for example, in case of delivery, the address will be delivered to the shipping company or to the Israel Post office).
  • The e-mail address provided by you will be stored on our site and will not be used for any purpose except for the completion of the purchase action for which it was delivered and it will not be transferred to any other entity, such as promotion companies.
  • If you wish to use your e-mail address to be informed of promotions made on the site, new products, events, this will only be done if you confirm this in the appropriate place on the site.
  • For non-identifying information that cannot be attributed to a specific person (such as number of entrances, age section, etc.), we use only to improve our site for the general public and to update the commercial conduct of advertisers on the site. Anyway, no specific user details are being used.
  • In cases that are not under the control of the Company or arising from acts of God or intentional criminal act of a third party, we will not be liable for damage caused to the customer or anyone on his behalf, to the extent that it is used by third parties without permission.
  • We will be able to make use of the information in our possession if we have a judicial order instructing us to give your details or information about you to a third party or that the delivery of the information will be done according to another law.
  • We will also be able to make use of the information, in the framework of a legal proceeding, whether it be between us and you or within the framework of a dispute between us.
  • For clarification and explanations regarding the security, information and the privacy protection of the site, you are invited to contact us by e-mail at mandalasportsltd@gmail.com and a customer service representative will return to you within one business day of referral.



Website Links

  • In our Website there might be links to other websites and/or webpages. we will make it clear that the content and information published on these sites is not under our control and we have no responsibility for it. To the extent that a given name and / or information is erroneous and / or misleading and / or inappropriate and / or immoral and / or violates public policy, including that they insult a certain person and / or public and / or infuriating and / or constitute any offense by law, we are not responsible for this in any way and form. We are not responsible for any damage and / or damage caused to you or anyone on your behalf as a result. Your reliance on such information is at your sole risk.
  • We are also not responsible for entering through a link to a site that is not secure and / or protected from viruses and as a result will be compromised. We are also not responsible for the links that appear to be active and / or valid and will lead you to the unrequested site or to an inactive site.



Promotional information

  • Registration to the site and / or purchase of a product will be required to mark this in the designated place on the site as part of the registration process. If you do not wish to receive marketing information, advertising, promotions and information about activities through e-mail, recorded conversation, text messages, regular mail, facsimile, automated dialing system, etc. make sure not to mark the designated place.
  • In any case, you may at any time contact the Company and demand to stop receiving such information, by giving written note and / or in the manner in which the information is transmitted to you, as you choose.



Cancel transaction and product return 

  • In case the consumers wish, they may cancel the transaction in writing from the date of making the transaction and up to 14 days from receipt of the product or from receipt of the document containing the details stated in section, whichever is later. Cancellation of a transaction will be done by sending a message to the customer service, and confirmation of receipt by e-mail.
  • Return of a product delivered to the customer will be possible only if the product is not used and only if the product is returned in its condition as it was given to the customer at the time of delivery. The return of a used product shall not be permitted unless there is a defect in it after use not due to reasonable wear and / or improper use of the product.


Cancelation in case of a damaged product or unsuitability

  • In case of a defect in the product or a discrepancy between the product and the product information given to you regarding the product at the time of purchase, or for non-delivery of the product at the time set at the time of purchase, or for any other breach of the terms of the contract between us, we will refund the same part of the transaction price until the cancellation date within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice and cancel the charge due to the transaction for charges not yet executed. We will give you a copy of the cancellation of the charge and we will not charge any cancellation fees. If you have already received the product, return it to the store from which you collected the product and / or return it by mail to the store address on the website. The product must be returned in its original packaging, as you received it at the collection stage and / or mailed.
  • It is important to understand that the images on the site are for illustration purposes only. There may be a difference between the description and appearance of the product, as it is on the site, and its appearance in reality, because of the limitation of transferring an accurate representation by means of a picture that appears on a computer. Therefore, we recommend that before the purchase you reach one of the chain stores or another store that provides the product you want to purchase, where you will see it and feel it.
  • In addition, products that are not by Mandala Sports may be displayed on the site but by another supplier / importer. The commercial information, product description and specifications will be brought on the site in a manner that will be provided to us by that supplier. In the event that such information originates from third parties, the third party will be responsible for this and you will not be able to claim any claim, demand or claim for loss, loss or damage resulting from the reliance or use of this information. Nothing in this shall affect your right by law to cancel transactions as detailed above and in accordance with the law in case of incompatibility, defect etc.
  • Any cancellation of a transaction will automatically cancel any discount and / or / a gift that was given to the customer as part of the transaction therefore, the customer will refund this benefit immediately upon termination of the transaction and / or return of the product.
  • In case of a cancellation of such a transaction, you will not have any right to claim damages for the cancellation and your right is limited to receive the refund of the money you paid until, and cancellation of future charges.



The result of a cancelation for a transaction does not include a damaged product or unsuitability.

  • In case of a cancellation that is not due to a defect in the product or as a result of non-compliance, as stated above, we will refund to you the part of the transaction price paid by you until the cancellation date within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice. In such a case, we will not collect any payment from you other than a cancellation fee of no more than 5% of the price of the product or NIS 50, whichever is lower, plus 1.45% of the total transaction in credit transactions.
  • If you have already received the product, you must return it on your own and at your own expense to the place where you collected the product. If you request that the product be collected from your home, you will have to bear the cost for the shipping / collection fee.
  • Returning the product will be done only if it wasn’t used, otherwise you will not be able to cancel the transaction and / or return the product. The product should be returned in its original packaging as you received it at the collection stand
  • Any cancellation of a transaction will automatically cancel any benefit and / or / a gift that was given to the customer as part of the transaction therefore, the customer will refund this benefit immediately upon termination of the transaction and / or return of the product.


Damage for the product

  • According to the Consumer Protection Law, it is the right of the site owner to sue you for damages in case that the value of the property has decreased as a result of deterioration in its condition and / or the packaging, product malfunction and / or incompatibility with the product caused after the product was delivered to you, in case you have canceled the Agreement.


Products Warranty

  • The warranty given to the various products offered for sale on the Site is in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty given for each product and product. Before purchasing any product on the site, we recommend that you enter the relevant warranty terms that clearly state the type and duration of warranty, as provided by the relevant manufacturer for that product. In addition, each product will be provided with specific warranty terms. For clarifications and more questions, you can contact us by e-mail and reply will be received within one business day. The warranty on the product will be valid only after registering the product on the site and / or sending the warranty certificate attached to the product.
  • The completion of the purchase constitutes your declaration that you have read the warranty terms for the product and have accepted them. The terms of the warranty are an integral part of the agreement between us and you.
  • The Company shall not be liable for damages caused as a result of the use of a product purchased on the Site that was made contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions and / or contrary to additional instructions for use by the Company, whether as part of the acquisition or at the date of collection.


General information

  • The service on the site is as is and the customer will not have any claim and / or demand against the company or anyone working for it for the service, its characteristics, limitations or lack of suitability to the customer’s abilities, requirements and needs.
  • Any delay in making any obligation that we have undertaken in this Agreement and arising from an event that is not under the control of the Company or acts of God or natural hazards and / or war, etc., shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement.
  • These terms apply to everything agreed upon between you and us including everything regarding the transactions and purchases on this site.
  • The laws applying to the use of this website and the terms and conditions of these regulations is only Israeli law. The sole jurisdiction lies with the Magistrates’ Courts in Kfar Saba, Israel.